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Small Bathroom Ideas

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The best things come in small packages, so they say. Whatever size space you have you can always find your perfect bathroom layout.

Whatever your space and requirements, I have the experience to assist you and can guide you through the planning well as fitting process.

But in the meantime here are some key tips and tricks that can help you.


Mirrored cabinets

A neat and easy trick that gives the illusion of space and offers practical storage is your humble mirrored cabinet. Fitted to the wall you can store all your bathroom essentials away from surfaces so making the bathroom less cluttered and still benefit from a bathroom mirror.


Glass shower screen and showerhead position

Shower curtains cut a room off in half but a glass shower screen for your bath leaves the space open and feels less enclosed. And are also much more hygienic and easy to clean.

Often the showerhead is placed directly over the narrow, tap end side of the bath but if you move it to the middle of longer length of the bath this will give you more space to your sides.


Colour schemes

There are several that can work in a small bathroom.

-Dark floor, light walls: By placing dark tiles on the floor and lighter shades on the wall, you’ll trick the eye and instantly give your room a more spacious and airy feel.

-Monochrome: Too many colours can over-complicate small spaces such as guest bathrooms. To give a visual sense of space, try opting for a monochrome colour scheme, simple, stylish and timeless.

-Pastels: These easy-on-the-eye tones are perfect for opening up a room, and often work well with both white and darker, deeper shades such as midnight blue and grey. Using baby pinks and baby blues can give a soft and relaxing feel to the room as well. You can try white tiles with pastel grouting if you want to make it look more unusual and out your own stamp on it.



Slim line shower trays are another way to ensure your shower takes up as little space as possible, and can be combined with a beautiful glass panel to create the perfect minimalist walk-in shower.

Or try going for a sliding shower door. It sounds simple, but so often we see doors in bathrooms being overlooked. In tight spaces, swinging doors can be a nightmare. Nobody wants to squeeze into the shower each morning, because the door hits the toilet. This is an easy and space saving solution.

Look at small shower kits, which a lot of companies offer now or think about a fixed head and concealed valve kit for a modern and streamline look, great in a small space where any clutter will make it look crowded.



Short projection toilets save space as they protrude less into the room or try opting for a concealed cistern toilet such as a back to wall or wall-mounted toilet. They also give a very tidy and streamline finish to your space and make the room look less crowded with bathroom fixtures.

Corner toilets are another option to think about. Not necessarily your first or most conventional choice but corners can be wasted space, so definitely worth considering this option in your small bathroom planning.

For really tight spaces and over the toilet sink combination is another clever option you could consider, though they don’t always look attractive, but if you have a very narrow room it may be your only solution and worth looking at.


Wall mounted or floating vanity and sink units

When it comes to small spaces, basins and sinks can be a tricky business, especially if you need a little storage too. Combination vanity units are the answer to all your problems. Keeping everything compact and in one neat package, you can have it all without sacrificing any precious space. By having them floating and off the floor gives the illusion of more floor space and makes the room appear bigger too.


Clever storage ideas to keep it clutter free

You can install shelves and use wicker or wire baskets to store items in, think of over the toilet storage, over the door storage mirror, shower storage caddies. Everything should have a place in a small bathroom and keeping surfaces free from bottles all just left everywhere will make the space look smarter as well as tidier.


Heated towel rail/radiator and underfloor heating

A towel rail and radiator in one, it’s a space saver and offers practicality by keeping your towels warm and dry. They come in a range of sizes and colours to match the rest of your decor, including black, white, gold and more, it’s a no brainer for keeping your room warm and your towels tidy. The same goes for underfloor heating. Tiles can feel cold to walk on and underfloor heating adds a touch of luxury that is worth the extra cost.


Lose the bath or have a shower over the bath or just a shower cubicle?

Think about who is using the bathroom, do you really need a bath? They take up space and often don’t get used as mush as showers these days, so really think about what you need in your small bathroom space and how you will most use the space from day to day. If this is your only bathroom or your family bathroom or your spare room en-suite may determine what you need in there as far as bathroom furniture essentials are concerned.