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New technology trends for your bathroom

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  1. Japanese (smart) style toilets are a new take on the modest, simple toilet we know. It is fitted with lots of technology to ensure comfort and hygiene. They are electric toilets that include a range of features such as a bidet or wash function, drying function, a heated seat setting and even a massage setting for true luxury!However they are pricey and the aesthetic may not suit the look you are going for in your bathroom. With companies like Victoria Plum, Washloo and CP Hart, to name but a few, offering Japanese toilets as part of their range you can shop around to find a look and price that works for you.
  2. Rimless toilets, a very neat and simple twist of the traditional design. Rimless toilets give a smooth shape and when flushed water shoots from the back of the pan to clean the bowl more effectively. The old rim style toilets are often a bacterial breeding ground so this is a streamline, easy to clean and hygienic choice that is becoming ever more popular.
  3. Bluetooth Speaker shower heads, it was only a matter of time before someone invented this! With the wireless speaker positioned directly in showerhead, you can stream your favourite playlists from your mobile straight into the shower enclosure, without drowning out any of the sound. However, be prepared for the bathroom queue to get even longer in the morning, while everyone does their own private X-factor audition!
  4. Smart shower systems The next step in showering and probably the most exciting in my view! With the increasing popularity of smart home systems, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, voice activation is the new way to control our home life, including our bathrooms. Digital showers include simple and reliable temperature control with memory settings for each user that requires no fine-tuning or adjusting. Brands are now increasingly sophisticated allowing you customise your own shower experience. I recommend looking at Aqualisa and Mira showers to start with. The possibilities are endless and this is one new gadget that is here to stay.